Our Vision and Mission

At Seray, we believe in the transformative power of sleep. Our journey began with a simple realization: the quality of sleep profoundly impacts our lives. From mood to productivity, well-being to success, it all starts with a restful night.

Seray's vision is to create a world where well-rested women thrive.

Our misson is to be the go-to brand for women's sleep and wellness, anchoring within the transformative 8pm-8am timeframe. We represent all women, offering a dependable oasis during moments reserved for self-care. From new moms seeking solace to professionals preparing for important events, we empower women at every life stage.

About the Founder

Recovering from a severe concussion in late 2020, Lauren found herself in bed with nothing she felt comfortable sleeping in—it was either too hot, too thick, or too tight. After scouring the market in search of the perfect sleepwear, she quickly realized many of the existing options were made by fast-fashion companies that used unsustainable fabrics and had unethical labour practices. When she tested the products, they all fell short on expectations and need. In light of this, she decided to create her own sleepwear line.

Choosing to leave her corporate job and venture out entrepreneurship, she created Seray- a women’s apparel line designed to put women first.