What is the best way to wash my set?

Please wash your sets on the gentle cycle, cold, and with similar colours. Avoid washing with clothing that has zippers/velcro to avoid unnecessary pilling. Please dry flat.

How long will orders take to arrive?

Once receiving an order, we pack and ship all orders out within 1-2 days. Shipping across Canada generally takes 4-5 days. All items are shipped from Vancouver, B.C.

Why are the sets priced the way they are?

Frankly, manufacturing in an ethical + sustainable way is more expensive. This means the money you are putting towards your set ensures the workers that make it are paid a living wage, and the environment is not harmed in the process. We believe in protecting the communities and earth around us.

I live in Vancouver. Can I pickup a set vs waiting for it to ship?

Yes! Please email us at hello@seray-shop.com. We will be able to offer next-day pickup.

I am a content creator and I am interested in partnering with Seray. Who can I email?

Please reach out to hello@seray-shop.com